UniFocus to Showcase How Hoteliers Can Unlock the True Potential of Workforce Management Efficiency at the Accommodation Conference


DALLAS, TX— September 20, 2021—UniFocus, the leading provider of workforce management systems, is honored to announce its participation as an official exhibitor at the upcoming Housing Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. Taking place September 27-30, this year’s event will see UniFocus provide key insights into how hoteliers can plan, align, execute and validate their work and task management strategies to achieve the increased level of optimization and flexibility demanded by today’s industry. In addition to exhibiting at the conference, COO Ken Heymann will speak at a panel on how to retain top talent, train to build a strong workforce and foster a healthy and engaging environment.

Hoteliers need more than ever to be able to make informed decisions about how and where to use their available manpower resources to prevent gaps in service or staff misalignment from affecting business. profit margins and the reputation of an establishment, ”said Mark Heymann, CEO of UniFocus. “With so much at stake, our mission for this year’s hosting conference is to educate attendees on the key areas of work and operations that need to be addressed in order to be able to face current market challenges. By demonstrating how hoteliers can increase the IQ of their workforce management processes at every step of their overall strategy, we look forward to empowering Lodging Conference attendees with the exact capabilities needed to maintain a capable competitive business. to attract potential customers and employees.

Workforce planning

With effective planning serving as an essential first step in maintaining both workforce and operational efficiency, UniFocus will offer insight into how advanced workforce management platforms Today’s workforce can seamlessly automate the process while providing vital real-time analysis on a property’s precise staffing needs. This includes demonstrating how the company’s intelligent AI-based algorithms can instantly predict the number of employees needed to meet service level goals per team and per department based on anticipated fluctuations in demand. . With UniFocus, attendees can learn more about how its work management platform can link day-to-day work standards to an establishment’s budgeting processes and metrics, ensuring accurate labor costs, better performance and transparent alignment with the hotel’s business priorities. As a provider of complete work management solutions, UniFocus will also show how its platform can even fully automate shift planning processes, saving managers time while ensuring an ideal balance between needs of team members and the company.

Operational alignment

The key to any successful workforce strategy is the ability to effectively communicate and coordinate workforce plan goals and requirements. For this milestone, UniFocus is set to demonstrate how its time and attendance management solution offers a smarter approach to communication between managers and staff, minimizing any risk of forgetting assigned shifts. A powerful mobile platform, Time & Attendance can instantly alert employees of any assigned shift while providing managers with immediate insight into any attendance issues that need to be addressed. With its smart clocking capabilities, Time & Attendance further ensures that managers know precisely when an employee is clocking in or out and if there are potential overtime issues.

By presenting the all-new ShiftGenius, UniFocus will demonstrate how hotels can automatically align business needs with the individual needs of their employees without reducing the quality of service. As more and more employees seek employment opportunities that can meet modern expectations for flexible work / life balance, ShiftGenius is currently the only solution capable of giving employees the flexibility to select their own. hourly, based on UniFocus state-of-the-art algorithms that accurately reflect upcoming change needs. Eliminating any risk of misapplied staffing throughout the day, ShiftGenius is further credited with minimizing administrative tasks and offering managers the ability to focus on more immediate priorities.

Also new to this year’s Lodging Conference is Odin, a smart assistant specially designed to provide operators with the relevant and timely data they need to make the best work management decisions for their business, staff and guests every day. . Odin’s analytical insights include sharing daily actionable reports on demand projections, past performance, and critical issues that need to be resolved before the end of the day. Odin can further highlight open shifts which may require realignment of staff schedules and is also able to track shift or time off swap requests as well as overtime by pay period and much more. .

Transparent strategy execution

With UniFocus’s recent acquisition of Knowcross, a global leader in the development and delivery of operational optimization software for the hospitality industry, attendees can then learn how they can translate their workforce strategies into a highest possible level of employee efficiency. This includes providing demonstrations of KNOW Housekeeping and KNOW Maintenance, solutions recognized for creating double-digit improvements in staff productivity using mobile task assignment and coordination. Other operational optimization platforms featured include KNOW Glitch, a solution capable of instantly identifying any QoS issues requiring immediate attention, and KNOW Inspection, an advanced tool capable of sharing task checklists. compatible with smartphones for even greater operational visibility, responsiveness and efficiency.

Validation of the workforce strategy

The ability to analyze and compare the performance of workforce management strategies is critical to a hotel’s continued success and its ability to deliver the level of service to which today’s guests expect. wait. With this in mind, UniFocus’ comprehensive workforce management expertise will also be offered to attendees at the Accommodation Conference on how they can keep the pulse on the health and changing needs of their organization. This includes providing demonstrations of UniFocus’s innovative dashboard which, in addition to a range of analytical capabilities, can automatically compare the performance of properties against other hotels in a portfolio or in the same market segment. .

With employee and guest feedback also being critical in determining whether a workforce strategy is delivering the desired results, UniFocus also provides hospitality professionals with guest and employee engagement survey capabilities instantly. accessible. Unlike the tedious and time-consuming processes associated with annual surveys, UniFocus surveys are developed using the company’s years of industry expertise and, through a range of template options, offer hoteliers the ability to effortlessly select the most relevant questions for their current performance benchmarking. Needs. Being able to be shared via email or text as well as in an individual’s preferred language, UniFocus surveys ensure maximum engagement and the ability for hoteliers to find out what matters most in the minds of their guests and employees.

To schedule a demo with UniFocus during the hosting conference at stand # 120, please contact Julie Leake by email [email protected].

About UniFocus

UniFocus workforce management software, now combined with Knowcross’s operational capabilities, provides all the tools you need to make workforce decisions with confidence. We help you optimize your daily operations with powerful yet flexible tools. Empower leaders and staff to create schedules that maximize customer satisfaction while minimizing wasted hours of work. Better workforce management for casual labor in the retail and healthcare industries. If you are looking for a better WFMS, contact us today. hospitality, restaurants, retail and health sectors. If you are looking for a better WFMS, contact us today. Restaurants, retail and health sectors. If you are looking for a better WFMS, contact us today. hospitality, restaurants, retail and health sectors. If you are looking for a better WFMS, contact us today.

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