The Most Useful Apps Students Can’t Do Without


The abundance of applications has allowed students to reconcile school and social life. Today there is an app for everything. However, that’s not entirely a good thing, as narrowing it down to the most appropriate ones might take you a while.

Whether you’re trying to get organized, train, or track your expenses, mobile apps will help you succeed. The best part is that you don’t need to travel to download an app. Most of them are free and available online for all operating systems.

For example, if you have a research paper to write and many other things to do, download a time management app. And finding a cheap essay writing service is the next best option. A qualified person will take care of the writing while you focus on other schoolwork or catch up with friends and family.

That aside, students still need apps for various reasons. So here are seven apps to help you manage different aspects of your life.

1. Mint

Budgeting in college is the best way to properly use the money you have. Download Mint if you want to save money. The application is excellent since it allows you to link all your bank accounts.

Since it is safe and will not transact without your permission, there is no need to worry. You will get a perfect picture of your finances by linking the app to your accounts. Therefore, creating an appropriate budget plan will not be so difficult.

Additionally, Mint categorizes your expenses. For example, the app tells you how much you can spend on clothes and a weekend with friends after managing expenses like rent.

It’s even better. Mint has a section where students can plan their long-term financial goals.

These objectives include:

  • Repay student loans
  • Buy books for upcoming semesters
  • To buy a house

Mint is available on Android and iOS, so all students are covered.


You’re in college and splitting the costs of lunches with your roommate or the best paper-writing service you both can’t afford is always a problem. Therefore, it is essential to know who owes whom and how much. It’s not uncommon to have a little fight between friends because one of you can’t remember how much you owe the other person.

Splitwise is the perfect solution for such cases. Simply enter all expenses, enter the number of people in attendance, and when you’re ready to pay, the app determines how much everyone owes.

With the app, there are no more awkward silences after visiting your favorite restaurant, where everyone is waiting for someone to do the math. So put away your calculators and download Splitwise, which makes cost sharing between family and friends easier and faster. The app is downloadable via Android, iOS and the web.

3. My Study Life

Carrying a notebook is obsolete. Don’t get me wrong, though. On the contrary, notebooks are great because they come in handy when you least expect it. However, students no longer need to carry heavy backpacks full of notebooks.

My Study Life is great for learners because of its calendar feature. It makes it possible to balance social life and work in the classroom. School hours can sometimes get crazy. However, with proper planning, anything can be put in place.

Another brilliant feature is the task manager. Add assignment due dates and upcoming exam dates in a few simple steps. The app will remind you of pending jobs on the dashboard. You won’t have to open the app every hour – you’ll get notifications instead. My Study Life is also available on Android, iOS and desktop.

4. 2Do app

College kids juggle so many things. So if you prefer writing to-do lists to keep track of your tasks, download the 2Do app. It creates checklists for all your projects, making it easy to check off complete activities.

To make this app suitable for classroom work, you need to create to-do lists based on subjects. Create other lists for social activities and miscellaneous tasks. This way, your responsibilities will be grouped according to urgency. There are also tags to help with identification.

You can also write your shopping lists there. You’ll never have to go back to the store again because you forgot to get your toothpaste. Plus, if you can’t stay focused, there are notification alerts to nag you so you don’t forget!

The 2Do app is available for download on Android, Mac and iOS.


Evernote is more than a note-taking app. It’s a revolutionary app to help students write lecture notes and any brilliant ideas that pop up randomly.

Flipping through pages for specific notes on a topic is very frustrating, especially when pressed for time. Evernote gets rid of this by allowing learners to organize their notes accordingly.

Students can achieve the following results with Evernote:

  • Course organization
  • Deadline follow-up
  • Enter Notes
  • Save class documents
  • Saving Web Pages for Annotations

Evernote gets even better with its integration feature. Sync Evernote with Google Drive and Outlook, and provide access to relevant notes and photos offline. You are good to go if you have iOS or Android devices. The app also has a desktop version.

6. Duolingo

Many students want to study foreign languages ​​in college, and Duolingo is the best companion for studying a new language. Whether for fun or for school, the app is the best learning platform with exercises to refresh your memory on new terms or phrases you have learned.

Duolingo is available on iOS, Android, and desktop. According to the app developers, 34 hours of Duolingo equals an entire semester of college. So if you want to learn Spanish before heading to Spain for spring break, download Duolingo. You’ll be an expert in no time.


Planning a vacation is not complete without TripAdvisor. The app provides plenty of travel recommendations based on your budget and favorite activities.

Plus, students get hotel reviews, great places to eat, hidden gems, and flight and accommodation prices. Getting as much detail as possible about a travel destination helps you stick to your budget and plan your upcoming activities.

Get TripAdvisor on desktop, Android and iOS and use the planning tool. You get a map of your desired destination and the ability to connect with fellow travelers.


Different apps have different purposes. Thus, the above options are useful for all students. So don’t get bogged down trying to juggle a million things. Instead, get the best app to manage budget, travel, and all other needs to enjoy college life more


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