The hotel launches the fall hospitality academy


THE Devonshire Hotels and Restaurants Group is launching a vocational training academy this fall, to support new employees, of all ages, in developing their careers in the hotel industry.

The Devonshire Hospitality Academy is an in-house training program, which will lead to an industry recognized qualification at Level 2 apprenticeship.

Richard Palmer, Managing Director of the Group said: “This is a particularly exciting project for me, and the hospitality industry and the opportunities it presents is an area for which I have such a passion. The key message from me is that this is an invitation to learn invaluable life skills, which are transferable to many aspects of the hospitality industry, and beyond – for example, I know of former chefs who are now hotel managers, working as innovation managers, and general managers of catering companies. This grassroots approach is a viable and dynamic alternative to the traditional collegiate path.

“I identify with this with personal experience, having started my own career as a bartender at Devonshire Brasserie. At 21, I ran a company with a turnover of £ 1million and 25 employees, and in my mid-30s I became the group’s managing director. There are now a plethora of opportunities for people from all walks of life, ready to apply and eager to learn and grow. For those who want to go to the top, we offer training up to the MBA level.

The new development is a direct response to a growing trend in recent years and exacerbated by the pandemic, where there has been resistance to entering the hospitality industry and obtaining qualifications through the pathway system. traditional academic. Above all, the Academy path offers the guarantee of promotion to a permanent full-time position, once the course has been successfully completed.

Places will be allocated to staff starting full-time hospitality roles in all of the group’s portfolio companies, both in the Chatsworth and Bolton Abbey estates.

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