The best women-owned hotels around the world


As Women’s History Month falls in March, what better time to recognize the women who own some of the best hotels in the world? In a crowded space where properties are opening at a rapid pace around the world and have been for a decade or more, female hoteliers are still a surprisingly rare breed, says Caren Kabot, CEO of luxury travel company Solo Escapes. “You see women in the hospitality industry working in PR and marketing, but a limited number, albeit more than before, are actually at the helm as owners,” she says.

High-end hotels with women in the lead are unique compared to other high-end properties, according to Kabot. “These entrepreneurs tend to have dynamic personalities and attention to detail that make hotels the great hospitality places they are,” she says.

From a former monastery on the Amalfi Coast and a safari camp in Kenya to one of New York’s fanciest places to hang your hat, here are seven women-owned hotels. We encourage you to book a stay of at least one night and ideally longer. You will experience a journey with a feminine touch.

Nicky Fitzgerald owns and runs Angama Mara in the Maasai Mara in Kenya


Angama Mara, Maasai Mara, Kenya

Nicky Fitzgerald sees a steady stream of returning customers at her renowned safari lodge thanks to her quick wit and exceptional service. His daughter Kate also helps keep the property in good condition. Located in the Maasai Mara in one of the iconic locations from the film ‘Out of Africa’, Angama Mara offers furnished tented suites with outdoor space and driving and walking safaris to see incredible game.

The D’Angleterre in Copenhagen

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