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While Swiss Education Group has always valued the development of the leadership qualities of each student, the SElf-ADvancement (SEAD) program, which will be implemented in October, is an exclusive club designed to elevate the best students to the next level.

Fostering leadership skills, confidence, resilience, creativity and innovation while accelerating participants’ personal growth and self-discovery, the program aims to recognize students demonstrating potential for leadership and academic excellence.

Vanessa Balouzet-Uchanski, Vice President of Transformation and Strategic Partnerships at Swiss Hotel Management School, described the program as “a journey of simulation and in-depth immersion, giving participants the opportunity to discover and develop their leadership skills. It is designed to bring a lot of knowledge and create fertile ground for personal growth. It perfectly complements our current personal development courses.

As they embark on this journey, students will discover where their individual strengths lie and how to realize their full potential.

Strong roots with many fruits

The idea behind the structure of the program is that of a tree.

In order for a tree to be healthy, its roots must be strong so that it has a solid base on which to flourish. The roots of a good leader are their self-control. SEAD will teach students to understand each other better, to discover what their strengths are and how to use them.

From this solid foundation, participants can begin to grow, build their professional DNA, and learn to speak with impact. Being able to connect and inspire an audience while communicating ideas with confidence, expertise and passion is of the utmost importance. This will affect how teams, clients and potential partners respond to our future leaders and help researchers create an environment conducive to growth.


Communication through language is an obvious leadership skill. Less obvious but just as crucial is the ability to communicate through body language – and what better way to practice this than to lead and gain the trust of a thousand pound animal? Among several practical leadership exercises on the course, participants work with horses. As the experts at Coaching with Horses share, this approach helps teach people to communicate more effectively, to face their fears and manage their emotions, and to become more cohesive and congruent with their actions.

Another exercise involves a simulation, named after one of the speakers from SHMS, Radu Botnari. By putting students in charge of a country, this simulation will teach them how to make decisions under pressure and solve complex problems with incomplete information and no historical solutions.

Finally, a tree must bear fruit. Having understood both themselves and you as their business, and how to communicate effectively, students will be ready to lead a team effectively and successfully. That team needs to be brought together, and that too is a science: researchers will discover the key to building the best team – a productive and passionate team committed to achieving the highest quality standards.

Learn to lead effectively

Leadership skills, intelligence and dedication to learning are characteristics dear to the best employers and participation in this club will allow students to stand out as they enter the difficult world of the job market.

Small classes of just 10-15 students mean club members get to know their peers well, make friends, have fun, and gain self-confidence as they develop their leadership skills.

Find out how to apply

The selection of SEAD club members is done through an application process based on academic records and an interview, taking into account general skills, as well as grades. The application is only open to students in the third year of study at the Swiss Hotel Management School.

Do you want to know more about SEAD? Contact Mr. Botnari. To find out more about Swiss Hotel Management School, from registering to hiring our interns or graduates, visit

Alexis bradford graduated in Creative Writing from the National University of Ireland, Galway. Since graduation, she has held various positions in the hospitality industry and the food and beverage industry. She is currently a member of the SEG PR team.



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