Singer Akothee denounces managers of Kempiski hotels over allegations of ill-treatment


Famous singer Esther Akoth, aka Akothee, has expressed her anger at the management of the upscale Kempiski hotel in Nairobi.

Speaking to social media on Sunday, Akothee accused the managers of the five-star hotel of having an “ugly attitude” and of being “arrogant.”

The Nimechoka hit-maker noted that she regretted celebrating the first anniversary of her founding at the hotel.

“Kempinski’s management is a total mess, with an ugly attitude. All my life I have organized events at Kempinski, I have never met such arrogant, unprofessional and bitter managers, ”she wrote on her Insta stories.

She added, “I regret hiring Kempinski to celebrate the first anniversary of my founding. I will never set foot in this dirty and dusty building. I will answer it on Wednesday.

Akothee threw a party in Kempiski on Saturday to mark the first anniversary of its founding at an event attended by a number of celebrities.

In her message of appreciation, she wrote: “Let me take this opportunity to thank you for honoring my invitation to honor the first anniversary of the Akothee Foundation. The trip was also an experience full of joy and tears. The journey of running a charity has taught me that if it’s not your calling, it can’t be your part. Thank you once again for the massive support, your presence, your contribution and your motivation.


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