Sandy Point Resort is progressing, beachfront restaurant to open in November; villas, hotel units for sale

Sandy Point Resort (SPR) and Marina in Sandy Point, North Caicos is making progress and their oceanfront restaurant/beach club overlooking Parrot Cay is set to open in November 2022.

Additionally, the 75-room, 20-villa development called “Daydream” offers villas and units for sale.

Michael Carino, who is part of the development team and a partner in the project, told The SUN that they hope their first villa will be open around eleven months.

Carino said this phase of the project cost about $90 million and with future phases it will be significantly higher.

The oceanfront restaurant/beach will be run by celebrity chef partner Todd English. It will include beachfront service, a tiki bar, infinity pool, gym and spa services as well as basketball, tennis and bocce services.

Carino said the resort will focus on the dining experience, music and art and will welcome other celebrity chefs on board.

“We’ll have a real celebrity chef here that no one else in the Turks and Caicos really has and that should generate a lot of interest in North Caicos, which is something we’ve been working on for two years. We’ve also just launched our villa sales and we are starting with 20 villas and we have eleven different villa designs and they go all around sandy point in the marina area it is good that we have the villa tier which has just started we have sold about eight lots recently and they are in the closing stage and we have four people who are in various stages of signing on board for some villas,” he said.

He added: “We are still working on a number of hotels and are in our funding cycle. We have the Daydream Hotel which is the 75 room hotel right across from the marina and we are trying to close on the Royal Reef…which was closed in 2008 and is going to be branded in English. We hope that within the next two months our funding will be finalized.

Carino noted that they only started the villas about two to three weeks ago and that was a good start.

Additionally, Carino said it’s hard to sell villas, with interest rates rising and everyone going back to school, but his team has a list of people who are really happy with their efforts.

“While we’re trying to get funding, it was tough and the good thing is we were able to stay on the project in light of everything, so now we have a complete project that’s going to be unique and whimsical, and a wonderful group of people.”

He added: “Our partner and general manager Carlos Abaunza has been living on the island for four to five months preparing things, getting to know the land and the island and working on the management side of things so that once that we are open, we are ready to start with a wonderful management company under the name of Sandy Point Resort,” he said.

Joe Sumner, a talented musician and son of musician Sting (Gordon Sumner), will spearhead entertainment, including future plans for an annual music festival.

“Joe Sumner, a talented musician, will be hosting a music festival on the island once we are up and running and Todd English is planning to bring other celebrity chefs as well when we open the Royal Reef and he will bring a festival gastronomy in North Caicos. These are things that not only promote our project, but we really want to be good partners with the whole island and make these things really operational. We have a lot of irons in the fire and we really want to bring that high energy and high visibility to North Caicos.
The Sandy Point Resort and Marina is a visionary project that will be the frontier of development on North Caicos in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

This is a groundbreaking project, incorporating exquisite design, impeccable service and an authentic island experience. With its immaculate location, top-notch group of experienced investors including celebrity chef Todd English, musician Joes Sumner (Musician Sting -Gordon Sumner – son) and spectacular amenities, Sandy Point Resort and Marina is a property first-rate that will rise above any other resort on the island.

The Sandy Point Resort and Marina is located on the shores of Northern Caicos where it remains undeveloped with crystal clear waters and pearly white sand beaches.

The preservation of natural beauty is a key concept and driving force in our design. The eco-friendly hotel will blend into the natural landscape like a simplistic three-story white Mediterranean hotel, with our signature flamingo accents throughout. The beautiful natural Flamingo Pond on the North Island, home to the largest natural habitat of flamingos, inspired the exquisite two-tiered flamingo-shaped infinity pool. The sprawling pool overlooking the beach will house a central island with palm trees and pink stone inlays that will captivate guests and help add to the cachet of the resort.

The amenities of the property will leave no wish unfulfilled. Standouts include their rooftop restaurant, “Taste of the Caicos and BEYOND,” inspired and curated by celebrity chef Todd English. The Ocean Breezes Spa will be your pampered retreat, located on the second floor of a building overlooking Sandy Point Beach with views of Parrot Cay and an outdoor recovery deck. Additionally, the property will host Pinky’s Lobby and Light Meals Restaurant, an outdoor bar and snack stand, fitness center, spin bike and yoga facilities, kids’ club and camps. , a children’s pool, a recreation room, tennis and basketball courts, a gazebo and various shops.

Additionally, you can find an ice cream and candy vendor, “Sandy’s Sweets”; a coffee/smoothie, “Sea Glass”; a local market, “Garden Island Market”; and a dive shop offering recreational water activities, “The Reef’s Dive Shop”. To top it off, exclusive to Sandy Point Resort and Marina, will be a farm-to-table experience throughout the resort with organically farmed fruits, vegetables, livestock and bees from our own farmlands.

Villas, hotel rooms and land are for sale now, for more information email [email protected] More information on their website


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