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Good Tuesday! It’s me again, Simone, your Healdsburg Daily host – here to update you on everything you need to know about what’s going on in town. Let’s do it.

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Here are the top 3 stories from today’s Healdsburg:

  1. A young man from Healdsburg took the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Deputies on a high speed chase last Friday night which ended in a porta pot, according to the sheriff. Andrew Moreno, 22, is said to have “walked through neighborhoods” in western Santa Rosa, “running stop signs and a red light” before crashing “through a fence and into a portable toilet in a Sebastopol Road block 4100 business ”. Several deputies and two sheriff’s dogs then spent over half an hour trying to find him in the courtyard, which would have contained “at least 100 portable toilets”. Here’s how it ended, according to the sheriff: “A K9 found Moreno in one of the portable toilets and bit him on the left arm. Moreno always refused to come out and had to be fired by a deputy. “He now faces nine crimes. (Facebook)
  2. Healdsburg nonprofit Reach for Home plays central role in in-depth new Press Democrat article on farm workers and other low-paid workers living in squalid conditions in northern Sonoma County. The play describes the deplorable living conditions of “an incalculable number of families “who “living in cramped apartments with too many people, or sheds with only chemical toilets, or small mobile homes with leaky roofs or backed up sewer lines. County officials call Reach for Home when a homeowner is reported for violations and there is an immediate need to move residents out of harm’s way. “The nonprofit can connect families affected by COVID-19 with up to 18 months of rent assistance through the county “to places like the Victory Apartments in Healdsburg, PD reports, and get them some further help. We recommend that you read the full story – it is very illuminating. (Democratic press; paywalls)
  3. Another Healdsburg nonprofit, From the farm to the pantry – which pursues “gleaning” missions to collect surplus produce from the local farms and deliver it to those in need – is featured in an equally enlightening Sonoma Index-Tribune story about local efforts to take advantage of the wine region’s bountiful harvests to feed the hungry. The organization’s executive director, Duskie Estes, is a former celebrity chef who switched to a non-profit job after her restaurant Sebastopol was destroyed in the Russian River flood in 2019. So far in 2021, Farm to Pantry a collected and distributed over 320,000 pounds of products. “We are helping people regain their dignity,” says Estes. “Our volunteers appreciate the instant gratification of collecting food to give to those who really need it.” You can always check the Gleaning Calendar and sign up to help on their website. (Farm to Pantry & Sonoma Index-Tribune; paywall)

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Photo of the day in Healdsburg:

Chris Foley Fine Leather in the plaza is all light up for the holidays. They have also just “received a new delivery of colorful Italian wallets and handbags”, for your information! (Photo courtesy of Christian Foley-Beining)

Today in Healdsburg:

  • Corazón Healdsburg Savings and Budgeting workshop, Feat. $ 100 gift From Redwood Credit Union (Call for time)
  • Package pickup for Healdsburg 5K Turkey trot (November 23-24, 10 am-7pm)
  • New art exhibition upstairs Art gallery: “Give joy” (November 23-January 2, 11 am-6pm)
  • Art Moura Solo exhibition at the Hammerfriar Gallery (11 am-6pm)
  • Volunteer information meeting: Conductors Helping the elderly in Healdsburg (DASH) Program (12 p.m., 5.30 p.m.)
  • Town of Healdsburg Planning Commission Meeting (6 p.m.)
  • Healdsburg Running Company Trail Sisters Run at Parkland Farms, ending with Thanksgiving Potluck (6:00 p.m.)
  • Virtual Conversation course in Spanish for beginners at the Sonoma County Library (6.30-7.45pm)

Healdsburg Notebook

  • Did you know that The Trio Healdsburg hotel has a robot butler named Rosé who does the “room deliveries”? According to San Diego Magazine, “This cylindrical stainless steel ‘ambassador of social distancing’ efficiently provides ice, napkins and your favorite bottle of wine.” (SD Magazine)
  • Someone prototyped an incredible Lego version of Cal Fire’s new crazy “Fire Hawk” helicopter, one of which is stationed in our area. You can vote to make the LEGO set a reality. (Facebook and Lego.com)
  • English courses for spring 2022 are now open for registration at Corazón Healdsburg. “Las classes de anglais para la primavera 2022 y están abiertas para que se inscriba!” ” (Facebook)
  • The Healdsburg Library has superb sets of ready-to-go children’s books. Themes include “bilingual books”, “toddler favorites”, “dogs and cats” and “picture books for older readers”. (Facebook)
  • Yesterday from a neighbor on Nextdoor: “In case someone is looking for their dog, there is a large black dog type Lab wandering on Bailhache near the railroad tracks. Another neighbor also spotted the dog. (Next to)

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