Nextgen Hotels & Resorts helps independent hotel owners around the world succeed by meeting the highest service standards in the industry


Nextgen Hotels & Resorts was established in 2016 by a group of passionate hoteliers and hospitality experts who are committed to helping independent hoteliers become champions in the hospitality industry. Together they created NextGen, a New Jersey-based organization that helps independent hotel owners meet the highest quality standards, thereby achieving competitive excellence.

Founder and CEO Upendra Gulrajani has over 38 years of experience working with major hotel brands in India and North America. Dedicated to the idea of ​​“hospitality” as an opportunity to organize an experience, he has created and led numerous training programs on subjects such as attitude development, management development and Wow Guest experience. Upendra holds a degree in hospitality management and specializes in product development, operating systems, creating standard user manuals, menu merchandising, event planning, strategy development marketing and budgeting.

All team members have mastered their skills through years of experience and proven results. With NextGen Quality Certification, independent hotels can assure their guests of industry-leading quality of service, gaining that extra edge in a crowded and competitive marketplace. NEXTGEN is for independent boutique properties. The concept is simple, they set brand standards for you, monitor your quality and reputation. This allows you to know and be attentive to details and standards that will produce positive results. NEXTGEN is a team of experts who have built brands around the world. Partners are based on more than 3 continents to offer support, this is what makes NEXTGEN unique. Nextgen Hotels & Resorts tries to educate hotels. A certificate will be provided to hotels that will scream quality assurance guarantee.

To be certified by Nextgen Hotels & Resorts, write to them at [email protected]. They will contact you and begin the onboarding process. After a preliminary information call, they will share with you the standard NextGen brand manual, covering the complete guest experience, including accommodation, service, cuisine, employee behavior and facilities. This is the benchmark against which the quality standards of your hotel must be measured. There will be quality checks every month as a member of their team will visit your property every month for a store visit, assessing your quality standards. Based on the inspection, you will receive a detailed report with actionable insights to help you improve brand standards, improve operational excellence, and reduce brand reputation risk. When you partner with Nextgen Hotels & Resorts, you’ll have access to exclusive webinars led by hospitality industry veterans, arming you with the latest strategies to stay on top of the hospitality game. Plus, when you partner with Nextgen, you get the standard NextGen 500-point brand playbook, monthly audits from industry experts, and insightful and actionable reports and commentary to help you meet highest hospitality standards. You can start now by contacting them.

Nextgen Hotels & Resorts contributes to to bring clean water and better sanitation to communities in need.


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