New hotel brand to open at former Trump Hotel Vancouver in 2022



More than a year after the local operator of Trump International Hotel & Tower Vancouver declared bankruptcy and permanently closed the hotel, the giant letters that spelled “TRUMP” at the property’s main entrance on West Georgia Street remain intact. .

The hotel closed in August 2020 after the cumulative impact of COVID-19 on its financial situation, just three and a half years after it opened. TA Hotel Management was the local operating subsidiary of the hotel and tower, while local developer Holborn Properties owns all of the tower ownership.

The 616-foot-tall, 63-story tower – one of the latest designs by the late architect Arthur Erickson – is Vancouver’s second tallest building, containing 147 rooms, amenities and ballrooms in the tower’s first 15 floors, and 217 luxury condominium homes in the upper levels.

The strata overseeing the residential uses of the tower removed the controversial “TRUMP” brand as soon as possible after the hotel closed, renaming itself “1151 residences”.

Signage at the main entrance of the former Trump International Hotel & Tower Vancouver. (Kenneth Chan / Daily Beehive)

Based on minutes obtained by Daily Hive Urbanized from the Strata Board meeting held on September 9, 2021, which was attended by Holborn CEO Joo Kim Tiah and other company officials, the removal of all Signage and branding remaining after the former US president will be removed sometime in 2022. The property will undergo a rebranding for a new operator who will reopen the hotel next year.

“The current bankruptcy remains in place and some of the TRUMP related brands at West Georgia Street have started to be phased out; namely the Spa by Ivanka signage on the front of the hotel doors, ”the minutes read.

“A meeting with the parties associated with the hotel is expected in the fall, as the rebranding and reopening of the closed hotel and related facilities is expected to take place in the new year. A meeting with the parties associated with the hotel is expected in the fall, as the rebranding and reopening of the closed hotel and related facilities are expected to take place in the new year. “

Following a closed-door (unreported) portion of this meeting, it was noted that Holborn would “provide timely updates and information to residents in general on the hotel’s branding and plans. reopening, including information on new and / or returning tenants ”, as well as updates on the progress of the removal of the remaining branding and signage associated with the operations of the former Trump Hotel, and various interview questions.

The new replacement hotel brand was not specified in the minutes.

Drai’s Vancouver at the old Trump Hotel, a nightclub with a pool, was also short lived and closed in September 2018.

The future of the 6,300 square foot food court next to the hotel’s main entrance is still unknown at this time. The upscale Chinese restaurant Mott 32 in this large-scale space closed its doors last year when the hotel ceased operations.

vancouver trump hotel sign

Exterior sign at West Georgia Street of Trump International Hotel & Tower Vancouver. (Trump Vancouver)

When the tower was first offered over a decade ago, the developer partnered with the Ritz-Carlton hotel chain, but that partnership ended after the 2008 financial crisis put the project into operation. waiting.

In 2013, Holborn entered into an agreement with Trump Organization to use the branding and management of his hotel for development. It was essentially a licensing deal with the Trump family entity; contrary to some beliefs, the former US president did not own this tower.

Along with the hotel’s reopening in the former Trump-branded tower, the extensive renovation of the 30-story tower that was the long-standing location of the former Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver is also expected to be completed in 2022. – just in time for an expected rebound in tourism.

After years of a fragile relationship, Four Seasons announced in May 2018 that it would not renew its lease at the tower owned by Cadillac Fairview, and would instead re-establish its brand at another property in downtown Vancouver at some point. given in the future.

In January 2020, just before the closure of Four Seasons operations, Cadillac Fairview announced that a “world leading luxury and lifestyle hotel brand” would be the tenant of the reconstructed hotel tower. . There has been speculation that the Ritz-Carlton is the hotel brand and tower operator at CF Pacific Center.

The new two-story CF Pacific Center retail pavilion next to the former Four Seasons hotel tower, just around the corner of West Georgia Street and Howe Street, is expected to be completed and open in the spring. 2022 as Vancouver’s flagship Apple store. , replacing the existing interior location of the mall store. A new replacement mall entrance at this corner recently opened.



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