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Other delays also affected the project, including a shortage of construction materials. And investors had to get permission from the city to raise the building’s height to 12 stories, which was seen as a safety risk at a time when elevators weren’t considered so reliable.

The Tulsa Hotel finally opened in May 1912.

The pinnacle of luxury with its marble columns, fine cuisine and hot tubs, the hotel has become the unofficial office of some of the biggest names in Tulsa history, including Harry Sinclair, J. Paul Getty and William G. Skelly. Local newspapers are said to have kept reporters in the lobby full time just to keep abreast of the latest business developments.

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Today, the Performing Arts Center holds its place.

The old Tulsa Hotel was destroyed in November 1973 as part of the “urban renewal” project that also built the Williams Center and the BOK Tower. The whole square block east of the PAC has become a parking lot.

Ironically, by the 1960s, the block had been a prime example of a “mixed-use” area, with apartment buildings, hotels and retailers on the ground floor, including OTASCO’s flagship store in Second Street and Cincinnati.

Now Tulsa wants to make the parking lot mixed use.

Well, actually, Tulsa had wanted to do this for several years. But the project experienced delays after delays.


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