MBRCH expands its food campaign to 10 countries

LuLu is highlighting a host of retail promotions and charity activities in its Ramadan campaign this year.

In an effort to improve the customer experience and make shopping easy and affordable during Ramadan, LuLu showcased their pre-packaged Ramadan Kit for SR99 ($ ​​26), which was specially created for essential purchases and donations.

In partnership with the Saudi Food Bank, these kits as well as the iftar boxes (priced at SR 15 each) will be distributed to needy and charitable groups. An agreement was signed between Abdul Rahman Al-Huzaimi, regional director of Saudi Food Bank in Riyadh, and Bashar Al-Besher, director of administration of LuLu hypermarkets, Saudi Arabia, in the presence of Shehim Mohammed, director of LuLu hypermarkets , Saudi Arabia, LuLu officials and other guests.

These kits are priced below the normal market price and contain groceries such as rice, powdered milk, sugar, oil and others. LuLu’s Ramadan Kits are available in all of its stores and online through www.luluhypermarket.com.

Mohammed said: “As the current pandemic situation continues to constrain the majority with smaller gatherings and with more people staying at home, we have launched Ramadan product and kit offers to make shopping more efficient. easy and more practical. Our in-store promotion sections are more complete and broader with many essentials offered at attractive discounts. The same offers are also reinforced in our online shopping with offers and promotions to ensure safe shopping for those who do not wish to buy in store. “

LuLu will also launch traditional food stations in its stores to celebrate the essential delicacies savored during the holy month.

Food stations will host themed events such as the Meat Festival, Dates and Nuts, Iftar Delights, and the Dessert Festival. In addition, LuLu introduced “Souk Al-Fawakeh” to provide customers with competitively priced fresh fruits and vegetables in bulk packaging. It offers 30 exotic fruits for the whole month.

In keeping with the spirit of holy month giving, LuLu has launched Ramadan themed cards, available in SR15 and SR150.

Abdulla Hamdan, Marketing Director of LuLu Hypermarkets in Saudi Arabia, said: “We are pleased to launch these Ramadan themed cards for our customers, in line with our goal of making their shopping experience unique, especially during important occasions like Ramadan. Since the large group meeting for iftar is all about putting everyone’s health and safety first, this card is a perfect choice to give as a gift.

“It’s a convenient way to show your loved ones that you remember and care about them during these trying times.”

Together with Saudi Food Bank, LuLu launched iftar boxes containing convenient packs of essential post-fast meals that customers can purchase for SR 15 each. There is also an option to donate SR15 through ATMs.

In collaboration with the Kayl Association for the Fight Against Obesity, LuLu launched the “Health is Wealth” campaign to raise awareness about obesity and its health risks, as well as the importance of limiting its spread in the world. the community. For each purchase of a healthy iftar or sahoor meal, 5% will be donated to the charity.

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