Marriott International joins the “Race to Zero” programs


One of the world’s largest hotel operators has joined a global effort to encourage businesses around the world to commit to a net greenhouse gas emissions standard by 2050 at the latest.

The company has joined the ‘Global Citizen Live: Race to Zero’ emissions pledge, which sets a single global target for all signatories, to reduce emissions in all business units in accordance with the Paris Agreement, which obliges all parties to contribute to limiting global warming. at 1.5 degrees.

The announcement is part of Marriott International’s recently announced pillar “Serve 360: Doing Good in All Directions”, which frames the company’s commitment to actively participate in the world’s most pressing social, environmental and economic concerns.

CEO of Marriott International, Tony Capuano

Marriott International has now submitted its Letter of Intent, committing to achieving science goals consistent with the target recommendations. CEO Tony Capuano said the company is committed to making a positive and lasting impact wherever it does business.

“Even though we are going through one of the most difficult times in the industry, we know this ambition will be a challenge,” he said.

“We are proud to join companies and institutions around the world that are working to tackle climate change and build a healthier and more sustainable world. “

To achieve its goals, Marriott International is committed to working alongside business associates, hotel owners, franchisees and suppliers in all regions. The initiatives supported by the company will include an increased use of reliable energy sources, including the construction of networks to maximize renewable energy sources.

Marriott is in the process of replacing single-use plastics in its global network by 2022.

Adopting new design standards to improve energy efficiency will also be a part, along with installing automated systems and improving solid and food waste management. The company will also commit to seeking opportunities to contribute to reforestation efforts as well as the planting of corals and mangroves.

Marriott is already phasing out single-use plastics, including installing refillable pump bottles across its network by 2022. In addition, the company aims to reduce its food waste by 50% and encourage all properties source 95% of its ten plus products widely ordered from responsible sources.

The company will also continue to work with the Evergreen Alliance to plant more than 415,000 trees and The Ocean Foundation, where it contributes to carbon sequestration projects and helps remove Sargassum algae.


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