Lynchburg Area Hospitality Industry Bounces Back After 2020, Awaiting Spring and Summer Events | News from local businesses



He said the Lynchburg market has been active recently for a number of reasons, including students returning to school at area colleges and universities, a vibrant workforce in places such as BWX Technologies, Framatome and Pacific Life and many hotels are gearing up for a failed wedding season.

“We are preparing to return to this very large wedding market, which is an important room for us at the Virginian,” he said. “We’re in a lot better shape than a lot of other markets and now is a good time to be in a city like Lynchburg.”

Jennifer Adamczyk, regional sales manager for Paragon Hotel Company, which owns the Hilton Garden Inn at 4025 Wards Rd., Said the hotel is booking more events and had a wedding a few weeks ago, the first since start of the pandemic.

“We were on pins and needles until the very last second because we didn’t even know if this was going to happen, but we found out 10 days before the wedding that we could actually have 50 people,” a- she declared.

Now that more and more events are booked, the hotel, along with most of the other players in the hospitality industry, is trying to win back the staff they had to lay off last year when hotels were for most empty.

“When this all started, we had massive layoffs and it was difficult for everyone, the people who lost their jobs and the people left behind,” she said. “As we get busier and more flexible and terms have relaxed a bit, we are definitely recruiting for all positions.”



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