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How has Lamington Group integrated sustainability into the business?

Sustainability is a journey, not a destination. At first our goal was to become operationally zero carbon, but after doing a full carbon assessment of our operations, buildings and supply chain, we realized that being operationally zero on its own ignores the majority. emissions from the carbon incorporated in our buildings. construction and during their lifetime.

We thought we could do better, which is when we aligned with the best-in-class standards of the London Energy Transformation Initiative (LETI) and the UK GBC Net Zero Building Framework to develop our new specifications. Whole Life Net Zero Carbon construction project with specific objectives that recognize our impact from the first brick laid, through the operation, to the eventual demolition of our buildings.

We have reviewed our current portfolio of properties and developed a plan to get it to net zero. We have also improved our heating efficiency to convert our entire domain to 100% electric and to be supplied with 100% renewable energy by 2030.

Our CEO, Robert Godwin, has led the way by prioritizing and investing in sustainable development. He created a sustainable development department and supported the establishment of a new sustainable development program called Team Planet to engage and encourage company staff to get involved in sustainable development and take action in their own domain.

Linked to this is a sustainability bonus where individuals and teams get financial rewards for their performance and impact. This means that sustainability is embedded in the culture of the organization and that everyone is responsible for working collectively towards our sustainability goals.

How will room2, Chiswick operate in a sustainable way?

The opening of our flagship hotel in December will be the world’s first net zero lifespan hotel and is expected to be 89% more efficient than the traditional UK hotel. It is a concrete example of what is possible and sets a new benchmark for the industry in terms of carbon and sustainability.

The building is 100% electric and has a heat pump on the ground floor in a loop 200 m underground converting all the energy needed for heating, cooling and hot water. It has on-site solar panels as well as two “lab rooms” providing real-time granular data on energy, water consumption and air quality to learn from development interventions. sustainability and customer models and behaviors. It will also have a blue roof to combat local flooding and a green roof to increase biodiversity.

We put our values ​​and sustainability standards into room2 Chiswick, from interior finishes prioritizing local, salvaged or recycled furniture, to the selection of vegan toiletries. The hotel also includes custom 3-in-1 recycling bins, separating food waste and mixed packaging. It will truly be a cutting edge sustainable hotel like no other.

Does the Lamington Group have goals for the company’s sustainability efforts?

We have just released our net zero roadmap for the Lamington Group which includes three leading industry commitments.

First, to develop and operate only lifetime net carbon buildings, second, to meet our science goal of 46% absolute reduction in spans one and two by 2030, while going from 300 keys to 5,000 keys, and third, report and reduce our Scope Three emissions, including our supply chain and the travel of our guests.

Why do you think the emphasis is on sustainability right now?

We can no longer ignore the climate crisis and science is showing us that we must take urgent action to mitigate the worst consequences already seen and foreseen.

We are also seeing expectation and care from our customers, investors and, I think, the post-covid world, on sustainability issues and it is important that this focus remains as we rebuild better and create a green recovery. post Covid.

Do you think we will see a shift towards sustainability by being one of the industry’s top decision makers as a priority?

The climate crisis is our biggest challenge and it is time to act.

The effects in action are devastating people and our planet, with an increase in extreme weather events and food and energy insecurity disproportionately affecting the most vulnerable.

Coupled with this, buildings account for 40% of global carbon emissions and therefore for us we want to be part of the solution and lead the change.

The hospitality industry is currently not making enough progress to tackle the climate crisis. The sector must do better and go to net zero to reduce its carbon footprint over its entire lifespan.

Do you think other hoteliers compete with the Lamington Group’s sustainability efforts?

Most hotels have only set net zero operational carbon targets or have published partial data on their carbon emissions, while we have set a new sustainability benchmark to build and operate only net zero carbon hotels throughout. life. We have also published all of our carbon data, standards and decarbonization plans to achieve scientific goals, which other industry players can visualize and replicate.

We have shared our roadmap publicly so that it can serve as a model to inspire and equip others to embrace net zero carbon standards their entire lives, because we may be the first, but we certainly can’t be. the last.

Do you think a shift in focus on sustainability will affect sales?

We hope customers vote with their values ​​and choose us because of shared sustainability values ​​and credentials and we also haven’t compromised on style or comfort, it’s just made of a more environmentally friendly way. Our guests can enjoy the best of both worlds and feel good, not only about the experience and services we provide, but also about our environmental standards which allow them to have a net zero carbon stay with us.


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