Kennedy Boutique Hotel is temporarily closing due to the latest restrictions


The only hotel in downtown New Ross is closing its doors this week following the government’s latest restrictions on the hospitality trade.

a statement issued by the management team of the Kennedy Boutique Hotel, which has 16 beds, said it was with regret that the decision was made to temporarily close its bar, cafe and restaurant due to the uncertainty surrounding the discussions following the announcement on Friday from Taoiseach Michéal Martin that pubs and restaurants had to close before 8 p.m. Monday until the end of January.

Hotel owner Willie O’Leary said he closed Templar’s Inn in Templetown and the hotel in New Ross and couldn’t see either reopen until Saint -Patrick.

Mr O’Leary is keeping Prendergasts (Penders) in New Ross and Tierney’s Bar in Waterford open to reduce inventory, having lost two rounds of inventory due to restrictions lately, but sees both shut down temporarily next month.

“We had a good summer, then Omicron came along. The government should have made the decision to close in October instead of shackling us. We were closed to the public this time because they stopped entering, ”Mr. O’Leary said.

He said he can’t imagine how difficult it is for a tax collector with a mortgage right now.

“There is no exchange. It’s really over. Ninety percent of business is done after 7 p.m. It does not mean anything. We have disease coming to us and we know it is coming to us.

“We can see from England: London had 25,000 cases last week. Our schools are open, weddings are taking place, pubs are open. Either they open everything or they close everything: you can’t be a little pregnant.
Mr O’Leary said: “We all know pubs and hotels are super-broadcasters but they haven’t given us anything. The wage subsidy is useless if the staff are only working 10 percent of peak hours. “

Mr O’Leary has implemented changes to his pubs and restaurants, but said the last straw was the massive cancellation of Christmas parties last week, coupled with new hospitality restrictions.

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