It’s finally time to innovate on The Edgewater – State Journal editorial from 10 years ago | Column


Workers begin erecting the Edgewater Tower along Lake Mendota in Madison in April 2013.


This State Journal editorial was published on October 31, 2011:

Now maybe we can go somewhere.

When a three-judge panel last week swept aside a paper-thin lawsuit attempting to derail the Edgewater redevelopment project in downtown Madison, the ruling appeared to pave the way for progress.

There’s always the possibility that Fred Mohs and Eugene Devitt will appeal their case against the city to the state Supreme Court, but we certainly hope that doesn’t happen. Having seen their “we just don’t like” argument twice thrown out in court, we would be surprised and disappointed if they persisted.

The $ 98 million proposal is too big and too much of a potential catalyst for many good things downtown to let it get bogged down further in delaying tactics. The city council thoroughly researched the plans proposed by the Hammes Co. and found these plans valid.

So let’s go. …

Hammes Chairman Bob Dunn is eager to do so. And why not, after launching the incredible development challenge of the City of Madison experience, organizing countless meetings to explain the project with elected officials and interested citizens, and modifying the proposal several times. In response to those comments, the Edgewater redevelopment finally got the blessing of City Council after more than a year of discussion and debate.

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