Indian gay couple to get ‘hooked’ in Telangana, state first



The couple say their wedding will surely be an inspiration to students, teachers and those who live around them

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In a first for the state, Telangana is set to see a gay couple marry. Supriyo Chakraborty, a professor at a Hyderabad-based hotel management school, is set to bond with his partner Abhay Dang this year. The couple are set to tie the knot on December 18.

Dang is from New Delhi and is responsible for software development at a multinational company in Telangana, while Chakraborty is from Kolkata.

However, the couple will not have a marriage but a marriage, which means that they will formalize things between their friends and family but not before the law. Chakraborty hopes the law will allow same-sex marriages soon, just as it decriminalized same-sex relationships.

The couple have known each other for eight years and first met on a dating app.

Chakraborty mentioned that he met the love of his life in 2012 and they quickly changed together after a few months. After two years together, the couple bought their own apartment in addition to owning a puppy called “Kaju”.

The couple are happy to have an understanding family. The 31-year-old speaker said that although it took the family a while to come to terms with his relationship, they never opposed his choices.

It took a while for the couple to get the people around them to understand the nuances of their relationship. However, not everyone realizes that this gay couple is like any other straight couple and people still give them mixed reactions.

But the couple say their marriage will surely be an inspiration to students, teachers and those who live around them. Their marriage is a celebration of love, which does not require any law. They will follow all the customs of traditional marriage, from Haldi and rings to parties and gatherings.



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