Important things you need to know before moving your pet


It is a known fact that moving a pet can be a tedious task. There can be a lot of paperwork and expense involved. According to Faisal Islam, the co-founder of Carry My Pet, a pet transport company, it’s a bit more expensive than human journey, because “it’s much more than booking a flight/train”.

Since not everyone is aware of the process and what makes it so expensive, he decodes the following points; continue reading.

“About six in 10 Indians have a pet and they may dread traveling or moving to another country/city with them. The reason is the complexity of the procedures and the lack of clarity on the expenses. While several companies offer animal relocation services that take care of the paperwork, all come with separate costs. Domestic pet transport can cost between Rs 20,000 and 60,000; international relocation services start at Rs 2 lakh and can go up to Rs 5 lakh,” he explains.

Why are the costs so high?

* IATA Compliant Travel Crates: Whether it’s a national or international move, pet owners need an IATA-certified crate to travel safely. Depending on the size of your pet, the cost can be between Rs 5,000 and 40,000.

* Veterinary visits and documentation: When it comes to a household move, you need to have your pet’s medical records and vaccination information in place. The international transport mandate includes numerous documents. The appropriate certification of the rabies titer test, vaccination details, microchip certificate of fitness to fly, you must have it all. Each has different costs. These days, pet relocation companies help you with the paperwork in exchange for a fee. Many pet owners prefer to use these services.

* Choose the right mode of transport: Although you have the option of moving by road, air, rail when transporting your pet domestically, the preferred mode is the airlines. Not only is it the fastest option but also the safest. However, it is expensive. Most of the cost comes from the airfare; it is relevant that your pet travels on a pet friendly flight.

Rail transport is the least explored mode. However, it may be one of of pocket manners. When traveling by train, you can either book the whole ride or have a confirmed ticket for your pet, with permission from other travellers. Traveling by road is preferable when transportation is from a remote or place not connected. The average cost is between Rs 15 and Rs 25 per km.

International moves are made by air. Stops between flights may not cause you much discomfort. However, longer layovers should include a comfort stop, preferably a pet-friendly hotel. From airport check-ins to customs clearance, everything requires paperwork. The cost incurred at the time of landing depends on country-specific tariffs, taxes and fees. Your Animal Relocation Coordinator tracks your animal’s every move and is responsible for establishing communication with customs offices to negotiate entry procedures and ensure the animal is properly handled.

* Door to door charges: Hiring a trusted driver with an air-conditioned vehicle is essential. Aside from the fare, time spent in traffic or longer distances should also be considered when budgeting for the pet’s move.

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