Hospitality Ventures Management Group (HVMG) Celebrates One Year Anniversary of Successful Launch of Talent Acquisition Center of Excellence (TACOE)


ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Hospitality Ventures Management Group (HVMG), a privately held, Atlanta-based hotel management and investment firm, today shared positive one-year results from its Talent Acquisition Center of Excellence (TACOE) , a strategic initiative designed to source properties level talent and support. The program accelerates hiring across the company’s 56-hotel portfolio while removing pressure from property general managers, freeing them to focus on guest satisfaction and overall profitability.

“At HVMG, we place great importance on three things: talent, relationships and performance,” said Robert Cole, President and CEO of HVMG. “TACOE is an important demonstration of this. The Talent Acquisition Center of Excellence is achieving the goals set more than a year ago, while reducing much of the associate search burden for our Hotel General Managers. Through TACOE, we sourced candidates that resulted in over 1,300 hires, representing over 50% of our hourly associate hires over the past twelve months.

Sue Sanders, EVP & CHRO, HVMG, added: “Everyone recognizes that one of the biggest issues facing hotels today, if not LE, is labour. From finding new talent to ensuring we engage and retain our existing team members, TACOE has successfully reduced the time it takes to find and hire new associates, relieving our managing directors of a very time-consuming process and allowing them to focus on managing their hotels. TACOE’s results coupled with HVMG’s turnover rates, exceeding total industry revenue by 25% in 2021, are key drivers of our ability to manage the talent crisis. Additionally, we are building our human resources bench with the addition of eight new TACOE team members, three of whom have already received promotions in their first year of employment. »

Director of Talent Excellence Sunny Larkin-Newman leads an eight-person team consisting of Julie Brezinsky, Director of Talent Excellence; three strategic sourcing specialists, Tabitha Claus, Emma Corona and Maya Jones; and four talent acquisition specialists, Jessica Abadie, Lauren Cuomo, Ashley McIntosh and Jessica Harbert. This team focuses solely on finding candidates to fill hotel vacancies.

After a year of implementation, HVMG is pleased to share the following results achieved with TACOE:

  • 1.2 days – the average cycle time from when an application is posted to when it is reviewed

  • 7.6 days – the average cycle time from when an application is posted to when the position is hired

  • 36.3 days – the average cycle time from when an application is completed to when the position is hired

  • 1,340 positions filled representing more than 50% of hourly associates hired

  • 5,421 candidates presented to recruiters

  • 5,574 in-depth TAS interviews carried out

  • 12,266 applications reviewed

“We are proud of the competitive advantage provided by TACOE,” added Sanders. “We have expanded our talent search capability with the addition of TACOE. TACOE provides this service at a lower cost with faster results than before. Perhaps the best outcome, however, is that TACOE frees up time for property-level team members to focus on what they were hired to do, which is providing great service to our customers, supporting our associates with a culture that drives engagement and delivering exceptional results to our owners and investors.

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Hospitality Ventures Management Group is a private, fully integrated hotel management and investment group specializing in the turnaround and repositioning of underperforming hotels, as well as maximizing the performance of stabilized hotels. HVMG currently operates 56 hotels and a convention center in 16 states totaling over 9,000 rooms. HVMG operates independent and boutique hotels and resorts, as well as full-service, select-service and extended-stay hotels under the Marriott, Hilton, Hard Rock, Hyatt and IHG brands. Visit for more information.


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