Holland stays busy as ‘transformation projects’ take shape


HOLLAND, Mich. — Some big announcements are coming out of Holland, including LG’s $1.7 billion investment and plans for former James De Young (JDY) property.

There’s a lot of excitement in Holland. These projects still have a lot of work to do before the shovelfuls are in the ground. While these parts move, the city plans its growth.

“We continue to be a desirable place to settle, live and work,” Holland City manager Keith Van Beek told FOX 17.

Van Beek is excited about the latest news about his city. LG Energy Solution is planning a massive addition to the existing building on 146th Avenue.

“We are very, very busy at the moment; we have what we called a lot of transformational projects all happening at once,” he added.

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The city is also working on how to move forward with the former site of the James De Young Power Station. Geenen DeKock (GDK) Properties wants to do a land swap with Verplank Dock Company.

GDK’s proposal shows that they want to develop housing, a hotel, a marina and restaurants where Verplank is currently located.

The 17-acre JDY property would then become “a new internal truck traffic system to support traffic for the three riverside industrial users.”

“Actually right now what’s going to happen is we’re going to take several months to do an assessment, not only does the proposal meet that vision and those principles of the seafront, the Highlands, but we will also look at the funding and the various negotiations that should be in place to execute this deal,” Van Beek said.

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With these massive projects underway, the city is planning infrastructure ahead.

The city is considering bond proposals for two major projects.

The Holland Board of Public Works wants to build over 20,000 feet of water pipes.

Officials believe these new lines can provide security in the event of an outage and future growth in the city.

The city is also considering building a new fire station in South Waverly and redeveloping the Kollen Park fire station.

“We believe the commitment to renovate one of our fire stations and build a new fire station to support the growth that is occurring in the city is fundamental. And we’re excited to be able to make these investments that really support the possibility of that other private investment and the growth that’s also happening at the same time,” Van Beek said.

That’s a lot for the city of Holland to expect and watch closely. Voters can also raise their voices for the James De Young property.

Because JDY is waterfront property, voters can decide whether to go ahead with the project or not.

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