Gausium exhibited Scrubber 50 Pro and Vacuum 40 Diffuser at German Hotel Congress & Hotel Expo 2022


Vacuum 40 Diffuser at German Hotel Congress & Hotel Expo 2022

Gausium Scrubber 50 Pro and Vacuum 40 Diffuser

RUST, GERMANY, June 21, 2022 / — Last Tuesday and Wednesday, the German Hotel Congress & Hotel Expo 2022 was held to great fanfare at Europa-Park in Rust, Germany. As a leading provider of autonomous cleaning and service solutions, Gausium (aka “Gaussian Robotics”) showcased two of its flagship commercial floor cleaning robots to hoteliers at the show.

Scrubber 50 Pro is an AI-powered robotic scrubber that recently won two industry-leading awards – the European Cleaning & Hygiene Award 2022 and the Amsterdam Innovation Award 2022. commercial floor cleaning robot is an ideal choice for cleaning large area hotel lobby furnished with hard floors. The cleaning robot attracted a lot of attention from the public during the show for its revolutionary automatic spot cleaning function, by which the robot continuously scans the dirt of the surrounding area and directly goes to clean where the garbage is. or stains are detected. This is made possible by its navigation algorithms based on deep learning as well as advanced visual sensors consisting of a set of 3D depth cameras and an RGB camera. By cleaning where it is needed, the robot achieves up to 4 times more efficiency and a significant reduction in water and energy consumption.

The Vacuum 40 diffuser is a highly versatile and customized stand-alone floor cleaning solution for hotel facilities. It meets all kinds of hotel floor cleaning requirements with its applicability to a multitude of floor types, including short and high pile carpet, natural stone, hardwood, etc. The robot can recognize flooring materials and automatically switch to a suitable cleaning mode. In addition to vacuuming, sweeping and cleaning dust, the robot carries an additional diffuser kit for aroma diffusion. This allows the Vacuum 40 diffuser to purify the air while cleaning floors. The audience really appreciated the added function as well as the fresh scent it brought to the air of the expo.

With the motto “Digital, Innovative, Diverse”, the German Hotel Expo 2022 attracted around 550 industry experts and practitioners to share the latest innovations and insights from the hospitality industry. As one of the most service-intensive industries with high operating leverage, the hospitality industry has seen a sharp drop in demand, which is testing the resilience and adaptability of hoteliers. A remarkable industry trend is an increased awareness of robotics and digital solutions as a recourse to successfully weather the COVID-19 crisis and maintain competitiveness. According to a 2020 survey of the top business priorities of tourism and hospitality companies worldwide, 49% of respondents confirmed that their priority was to use new technologies to better serve customers and/or suppliers .

In a world where cleaning and digitalization are growing in importance, commercial cleaning robots are ready to step in to provide autonomous cleaning and digital solutions. Gausium’s autonomous cleaning and service solutions feature advanced robotic technologies including deep learning, cloud computing, IoT integration, and more. Gausium autonomous cleaning and service robots can be seamlessly integrated into the digital system of smart buildings and drive the digital transformation of building services or facility management.

About Gausium

Founded in 2013, Gausium (aka “Gaussian Robotics”) began as a provider of SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) solutions and integrated robotics software. Today, Gausium has become one of the leading providers of AI-powered autonomous cleaning and service robots solutions, currently with the most comprehensive portfolio of commercial cleaning robots in the world. Currently, Gausium’s products and services include commercial floor cleaning robots, indoor delivery robots and additional accessories such as docking stations, cloud platform and application software.

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