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Embark on your summer road trip with RVshare

Define your summer plans

While the pandemic may have locked us in our doors over the past year or so, now is the time to pull out your to-do list and leave the house! This summer, embark on the adventure of a lifetime with RVshare. Gather your friends and family, select the right RV for you and hit the road in a safe and exciting way.

The road trip is the best way to get off the beaten track. No matter where you end up, you will surely have a place to sleep and eat that night. Don’t let strict travel itineraries get in the way of your adventure. Coast along the Blue Ridge Parkway, meander through California poppy meadows, and soak up the fresh Yosemite air at your leisure.

The perfect RV

Once you have your perfect trip in mind, it’s time to figure out the logistics. Fortunately, RVshare makes this very easy! RVshare is the largest peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace and with over 100,000 listings spanning all states, you’ll find the vehicle you need. Browse your ideal options for taking an RV on a roadtrip across the country or just an overnight camping trip. Whether you want to bring your pets, indulge in luxury, or find an affordable vacation, use RVshare’s filters to easily narrow down the listings to what best suits your needs.

When the time is right for you to embark on your adventure, RVshare not only makes pickup quick and easy, but it also offers delivery options so you can have your RV come to your home.

Additionally, if you want to spend more time at your destination or want to travel further afield without having to worry about budgeting time for the return trip, RVshare is unique among its peers in offering one-way rental options. So feel free to make the most of your vacation with your RV and let RVshare worry about getting it back to where it needs to go.

Travel the roads

Once you’ve found the perfect vehicle, enjoy stress-free driving. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, RVshare’s roadside assistance program will take care of any bumps in the road for you. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and take in the incredible scenery of Route 66.

On your road trip, enjoy every second of the ride without feeling rushed by impending travel bookings. Start your day whenever you want, whether it’s waking up in the sun or resting in style for the next day’s adventure. Hit the road and discover corners of America where a flight might never get you. On your trip, be sure to make friends with the locals and see their favorite spots. As the sun sets, forget to worry about finding a hotel. Enjoy the comfort of your own bed.

Why RVshare?

Put down your laptop, turn off Zoom and take a break. RVshare offers the possibility of an easy and safe way to relax, explore and gain the experience of a lifetime. From the start of planning your trip to returning your RV to its owner, RVshare will accompany you throughout the journey. Go wherever you want and discover the places of your dreams.

Once you’ve found the perfect RV, RVshare provides a safe and secure payment platform with instant booking options. Plus, while 93% of RVshare owners get five stars from travelers, with RVshare’s worry-free guarantee, if your RV rental has been misrepresented or you can’t contact the owner right before your travel, RVshare Support will work with you to ensure your plans are not affected.

See where RVshare can take you and book your trip today!

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