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Press release of the Hessian Land Government of February 21, 2022
Courtesy translation: Roland Schedel, public affairs specialist

State government renews corona protection regulations

Minister President Bouffier: “The situation in hospitals is stable, according to the commission of experts, the peak of the omicron wave has passed. We can calmly look forward to spring.

The state government of Hesse has renewed the coronavirus protection ordinance on the basis of the resolutions of the last conference of ministers’ chairs and has specified a gradual relaxation of the measures contained therein. The background is falling infection figures and the currently stable situation in hospitals. “The Federal Government’s expert commission has filed that the Omikron wave has now passed its peak. This is our guidance. In this context, it is possible for us to return to our normal lives – step by step and with caution, because the pandemic is not over yet,” said Minister President of Hesse Volker Bouffier.

“With the nationally agreed opening steps, we are giving a clear perspective to the very sectors which have particularly and repeatedly suffered from the restrictions over the past two years: the catering and hospitality industry, the events in culture and sport, as well as clubs and discos.”

Hesse’s Health Minister Kai Klose warned against negligence: “We all yearn to leave the restrictions behind. But if we get careless now and abandon all caution, we could face a yo-yo effect in the fall. Now is the time to be careful. relaxations – mask, distance and hygiene measures will continue to accompany us, because Corona will continue to accompany us. The highest possible vaccination rate is the most important key: therefore, please get vaccinated! This is the best protection against a serious course of infection – for yourself and for everyone else. There are still simple vaccination offers in many places in Hesse, including doctors’ surgeries and pharmacies. Take advantage of this so that we can all face spring with the best possible protection.”

Relaxations according to the three-step plan —

In a three-step plan, some restrictions will now be gradually lifted. As a first step, starting February 22:

• Contact restrictions currently in place for vaccinated and convalescents in public spaces will be removed. Previously, meetings of up to 10 people were allowed. Contact restrictions for unvaccinated and unrecovered people will remain in place for the time being.

• Testing requirements in schools will also change. Currently, students are tested daily for two weeks after a positive corona case in a class. In the future, these daily tests will only take place for one week. The rest of the time, there will be three mandatory tests per week for unvaccinated students. Fully vaccinated or recovered students will continue to be offered voluntary participation in testing.

In the second stage, from March 4:

• No more participants or spectators will be allowed at events again. Different guidelines will continue to apply for events held outdoors and indoors.

• Outside:
or max. 25,000 participants/spectators
or max. 75% capacity utilization for 500 or more seats
o 3G rule for more than 10 participants/viewers
o 2G-plus rule for more than 500 participants/viewers

• Interior spaces:
or max. 6,000 participants/spectators
or max. 60% occupancy rate for 500 seats and more
o 3G rule for more than 10 participants/viewers
o 2G plus rule for more than 500 participants/viewers

• In most indoor areas, 3G proof is sufficient. This means that access is possible for the vaccinated, the cured and those who are tested daily.

Specifically, this applies to the following indoor areas:
o Sports halls, gymnasiums, saunas and indoor swimming pools
o Interiors of zoos, botanical gardens and amusement parks
o Casinos and gaming halls
o Castles, museums, galleries and memorials
o All body services

Important: The requirements for wearing medical masks remain in effect. The 3G rule also applies exclusively to interior spaces. Outdoors, test, proof of vaccination of cure are still not required.

• The 3G proof will then also be sufficient for access to catering as well as to hotels and other overnight accommodation establishments.
Important: In gastronomy, the 3G rule also applies to outdoor spaces.

• Nightclubs can also reopen indoor spaces under the 2G plus rule.

• In schools, the obligation to wear a mask at headquarters will no longer apply (from Monday 7 March).

At the same time, the Minister-President warned that there was no legal basis for the Corona protective measures from March 20. “If the Infection Protection Act, which expires on March 19, is not extended federally, all the rules will fall at once,” Bouffier said. At the state level, he said, there would then be no way to continue, for example, a mask requirement on buses and trains. However, he said, there must continue to be a way to protect vulnerable groups from Corona infections. “For that, we need a legal basis for basic protective measures. Only the federal government can provide that,” he explained.

In conclusion, stressed Bouffier, “It is good that the expert commission gives the assessment that the peak of the omicron wave has passed and that we can now also give people their freedom back due to the mild courses. However , we must remain careful and careful. The first steps must not make us forget that we are living a pandemic with a highly contagious virus.

Source: https://www.hessen.de/presse/landesregierung-erneuert-corona-schutzverordnung

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