Costco in Hazlet, NJ closes after leak sickens dozens of workers


HAZLET – A Costco store remained closed on Wednesday after a freon leak caused the evacuation of around 20 workers who said they felt sick.

Before 7 a.m., the Costco location along Route 35 reported the leak to Hazlet Police, as workers attempted to ventilate the store and delay opening for the day.

About two and a half hours later, police received another call from the same Costco, saying about 20 employees were reporting headaches and nausea.

Members of the Hazlet Fire and First Aid Team responded, along with the Monmouth County EMS Task Force and the Monmouth County Hazmat Team, with 15 to 20 ambulances called to the scene per measure. precaution.

The store was to remain closed until further notice, police said on the department’s Facebook page.

Different and unexpected closure

In a completely unrelated incident, another retail store faced an unexpected closure in Union County.

A Linden Walmart had posted a sign on its doors on Tuesday, saying the store was closed for “additional cleaning and storage” and would reopen at 6 a.m. on Thursday.

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