Cost-effective ways to embrace travel as self-care


Self-care takes many different forms, from a nice long soak in the tub to a massage. And for some, a change of scenery is their perfect way to disconnect and de-stress. Unfortunately, taking a trip costs a bit more than a candle or a face mask, but there are ways to make it budget-friendly. Travel experts share their tips for embracing travel as self-care without breaking the bank.

  • Sign up for loyalty programs – Save on travel bookings by joining the hotel and airline loyalty programs you prefer to use. travel blogger Katie McIntosh said this way, you’ll earn points that can earn you discounts later, and you’ll find out about deals and other upcoming sales.
  • Be flexible – Having flexibility on times and location will help you find more affordable travel options. Budgeting Specialist Andrea Woroch advises looking for destinations with sales or during off-peak times and says going mid-week can help you save money as these are slower days to travel.
  • Snag deals early – If you have time to plan ahead and don’t mind booking in advance, Casey Brogana consumer travel expert at Tripadvisor, points out that you can grab deals as soon as you see them.
  • Fly to alternative airports – “Consider flying to other airports”, recommends Martin Jones, CEO of ParkSleepFly. “Big cities, like London and New York, have several airports to choose from in addition to the popular ones. The next time you book flights, consider traveling to and from the less popular airports, as you’ll usually get a better deal.
  • Reduce transport costs – With gas prices so high, travel blogger and TV host The Carmine offers to rent an electric car for your trip.
  • Book night trains and flights – Another way to save on hotel costs is to take night trains and flights. McIntosh says they’re generally cheaper than a night’s stay in a hotel, and many offer comfortable cabin options.

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