Aptech Customer Service Hailed “Unprecedented” and “Flawless” by The Battery

User of Aptech’s PVNG business accounting solution says the 50-year-old support team at the financial management company is extremely responsive, smart and knowledgeable.

Aptech customer service is hailed as “unprecedented” and “impeccable” by the battery


Finding the right hotel accounting software can be difficult, but finding a hospitality financial management partner that offers “unparalleled” and “flawless” customer service is a real blow. The Battery, a private social club with a handful of rooms in San Francisco, has done just that with Aptech. Serving 5,000 members, The Battery relies on Aptech’s PVNG to manage its corporate accounting. In addition to being extremely satisfied with the user-friendliness of the solution, the club operator says that the responsiveness, intelligence and overall knowledge of the Aptech support team are what delighted them with the service.

“Every time I hang up on the phone with someone from Aptech, I look around the room and say to my accounting team, ‘I wish every business was like Aptech,’ said Rachael Horlak, Chief Financial Officer of Battery. . “I have been in hotel finance for 20 years. The customer service we receive from Aptech is “unmatched” from any software company I have ever interacted with in my professional career. They ensure that your setup experience is “flawless” without missing any steps, and that you are completely at ease before leaving yourself to manage the software on your own. I never called Aptech and got a customer service associate who wasn’t extremely nice and professional or who couldn’t (or couldn’t) answer the question or problem I was having. was faced. I never had to wait for a callback. I have never been transferred to more than one person to resolve an issue. Their team is responsive, smart, and every employee seems to have the same level of understanding of the product. There is nothing more frustrating than a lack of knowledgeable customer service hampering productivity.

“We are also very satisfied with PVNG; it’s an extremely user-friendly product, ”said Horlak. “It has the ease of standard accounting software, but the built-in security layered with required approvals that products of this type lack. As happy as we are with PVNG, Aptech’s customer service is the real shining star, and that’s what I love most about working with this company.

For 50 years, Aptech has developed customizable, web-based financial management software that today’s hoteliers need to dynamically access, view, compare and analyze performance data from their single or multi-hotel portfolios. -properties and multi-brands. Using hospitality industry standards and best-in-class technology in more than 4,000 hotels, Aptech’s solutions work independently or in sync to quickly respond to changes in income and spending and identify trends that will better position the asset for growth and profitability.

PVNG is a game-changer in the hotel accounting world. If offers the Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Statistics, Finance, and Bank Reconciliation that today’s hoteliers are looking for with must-have browser navigation. Its processing of OCR invoices, its myriad of payment options, its ability to explore financial statements and reports, its ability to manage the accounting of one or more buildings and the fact that it can be deployed as a as a hosted service, explains why this accounting solution is in such high demand.

“We are delighted that The Battery is so satisfied with the support they receive from Aptech,” said Sam Costa, director of customer service and support, Aptech. “This is the BEST support team we’ve ever had.

There has never been a single complaint; I only get praise. What people say they like the most is the immediate attention they get. There is no passage by receptionists. No callback a few days later. When you call Aptech Support between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. EST, you get results.

“Our team takes great pride in their work and values ​​our long-term partnerships with our clients,” he said. “Our goal is to provide solutions that are feature rich and easy to use. PVNG in particular is so user-friendly that even those who work from home say that accessing the cloud solution is effortless. The fact that Aptech has been in hotel financial management for 50 years speaks volumes about the quality of our solutions and the customer service that our team is determined to provide. We value our relationship with The Battery and our support team is ready to help. . . whatever the need.

For more information on Aptech solutions, visit www.aptech-inc.com.

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