An educational hotel / luxury resort will be built in the Canadian Rockies


HINTON, AB/ACCESSWIRE/October 31, 2022/ Investment and development company based in British Columbia PAR999 Holdings Inc. announced that it will build a luxury resort in Hinton, Alberta, which will also serve as a hospitality education center, and plans to open in 2023. Hinton, originally a mining town, is dubbed “the gateway to ‘Entrance to the Rockies’. and is located less than 15 minutes drive from Jasper National Park in the Canadian Rockies.

PAR999 specializes in sustainable hotels, hospitality research and education projects, and themed resorts. The company is combining two of its projects, Bliss Hotels and Resorts and the Center for Hospitality Studies and Research, into a luxury hotel/resort and hospitality training center to be built on golf courses existing in Hinton, AB. Facilities will include a service hotel, main hotel, retail village, conference center and teaching block, amphitheater, bar and gourmet restaurant.

PAR999 held an open house on September 28, 2022, welcoming over 200 locals and potential investors to review plans for the hotel and hospitality training center. Local newspaper ‘The Hinton Voice’ ran a cover page covering the publicized proposal, sharing that the City of Hinton has issued Requests for Expressions of Interest (EOIs) for potential development of the land containing the existing golf course. ; three Expressions of Interest were received and City Council elected to proceed with PAR999’s proposal.

The open house succeeded in reassuring the city council that the choice would be the best for the benefit of the city. CEO and Founding Partner of PAR999, Amir Hassan, said, “”My position has been consistent from day one until now, and that is that we need to transform Hinton into a center for experiential tourism. PAR999 ensured that their representatives addressed all concerns so that the golf course as it currently stands would be disrupted as little as possible.

Hassan said PAR999 was interested in Hinton not only because of the attractive wilderness that surrounds the area, but also because the region surrounding Jasper National Park is sorely lacking in quality accommodations for the tourists that flock here each year. in the area to visit the park, hike the Rockies, sightsee, and even just travel around the area.

“I’ve driven through Hinton several times and noticed the increasing shortage of hospitality and catering staff throughout the 10-hour drive on Highway 16, which runs through Hinton,” Hassan says. “The people are great and welcoming, and travelers usually stop in for gas and coffee or to stay overnight, if the Jasper Resort is full. I thought of developing an economic engine that would propel the city from an industrial economy to a service economy.

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Thus was born the idea of ​​​​the teaching hotel – Bliss – in which 600 students a year can live and work. This is the other measurable need in the region: a sustainable model to train the next generation of hospitality workers. The Hotel Association of Canada stressed that the government wants to help available workers find jobs and rebuild after the pandemic with meaningful jobs, and the hospitality industry has a shortage these workers can fill.

Consumer demand for accommodation services in Canada currently exceeds the availability of these workers. The hospitality industry is in dire need of workers – rooms go unsold, business is turned down, renovation projects for existing hotels are scaled back or even eliminated altogether. By 2035, the hospitality industry is projected to be short of 10,000 people; and full-time jobs available in the industry will increase by 33%.

“If the labor shortage is not addressed, the hospitality industry could face a labor shortage of 10,000 by 2035,” Hassan says. “Canada has yet to explore the benefits of combining academia and the hospitality industry. Our solution is to develop human capital to meet industry demand.”

PAR999 is an investment and development company that creates next-generation hotels and resorts. PAR999 works closely with credible public institutions on projects ranging from small to large and plays an important role in developing intellectual human capital for the hospitality industry as well as major positive impacts for the rural communities that host the establishments. ‘education.

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