Best credit and debit cards online

Types of online cards. Credit cards and debit cards

From Credit Now we will show you the types of online contracts that exist in the market and so you can choose the one that best suits you according to your needs.

Online Credit Cards

Online Credit Cards

The main advantage of online credit cards is that you can obtain financing through them and thus be able to make purchases with money that you do not have and that you must return after a time established by the financial institution. Credit cards also give us the possibility to finance ourselves by a credit limit that we have available on the card and return it at the end of the month or in different monthly installments, depending on the financial institution.

When making a purchase or withdrawing money from a credit card, what we are doing is having an amount of our line of credit, at that time we will be assuming a debt with our bank or financial institution. This debt, as we have previously commented, must be paid manually or in the period of time established with the entity.

Below we will show you the main features of reimbursement to apply for credit cards online.

There are two types of payment of the amount used in the credit line, installment payment and payment at the end or beginning of each month. The experts at Credito Now have analyzed each type of payment so that you have the appropriate information and choose the payment period that best suits your financial needs.

  • Payment of the debt at the beginning of the month or at the end of the month.

This method consists of paying off your debt once at the end or beginning of the month. All the balance you have spent during that month is accumulated on your credit card and a single payment is made for all the accumulated amount. This total payment that is normally made does not generate interest unlike the installment payment. It is very important that you have enough money in your account to make the single payment for the value of all the payments you have made with the credit card in the current month,

  • Payment of the fractional debt.

If we choose the installment payment of the debt that our credit card has, we can return the money in easy installments on a monthly basis. This payment can be made in two ways. The first of them is paying a fixed monthly amount of the total debt that we have on the card. The second is paying a of debt each month. In either case, financial institutions give you the option to adjust the fees so that you can comfortably sink them. It is very important that you know that in this modality you do have to pay interest for the deferment of the debt, normally these interests are around 21%. For more options click here to visit for free.

Online Debit Cards

Online Debit Cards

When you contract a debit card you should know that you can only have the money you have in the card linked to your checking account. When you make a payment with your X $ debit card, it is directly charged to your checking account. These types of cards are a good option to control what you spend, since you will not be able to withdraw or pay for your purchases for more value than what you have on your card. You can only use the money you have in your checking account associated with that debit card.

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