10 ways to save money when visiting Mexico


When planning a trip, tourists are always worried about breaking their wallets, especially when leaving a place like Mexico. Mexico is an amazing travel destination to visit and explore, considering the many countries it boasts of. From dramatic mountains to magnificent canyons to picturesque white sand beaches. The country welcomed 32 million international tourists in 2021, increasing its tourism volume by 30%. While the country has a reputation for being cheap, one wonders how affordable it is these days. Well, there are money-saving tricks travelers can use to make their Mexico vacation affordable. These are the 10 ways to save money when visiting Mexico.

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ten Set a budget before leaving for Mexico

One cannot save money visiting Mexico without having created a specific budget to avoid overspending. Define exactly how much they want to spend on food or entertainment. When budgeting, visitors should include specific places they would like to explore and how many days and nights they would like to stay there. Travelers should also consider how much they want to spend on accommodations when setting this budget.

9 Limit the number of different locations to explore

A good tip when visiting Mexico on a budget is to travel slowly, which means limiting the number of seats in a Mexico itinerary. Travelers should spend more time exploring a particular attraction rather than moving from destination to destination. Visiting many places will make travel to Mexico expensive, perhaps unbearable for visitors who want to stay on a tight budget. It’s more about exploring a place, getting to know its interiors and exteriors, and getting to know it well before heading to another destination. If, for example, one chooses to explore the Copper Canyon, it is advisable to spend a few days and nights and create unforgettable memories of its beauty.

8 Opt for public transport

There are many affordable modes of transportation in Mexico that tourists can use to save money while on vacation. Public transportation is the cheapest way to get around Mexico, and you can always enjoy your dream destination. Modes of public transport include:

  • Subways:
    when visiting major cities in Mexico like Guadalajara, the metro is the cheapest way to get around.

  • Taxi:
    Taxis are a good option for getting around Mexico, especially if the buses and other available modes do not follow the route one is looking to explore.

  • The buses:
    Buses are not only affordable, they are also a great way to explore most of Mexico.

  • Collectives:
    These are minivans that travel on uncrowded routes where larger buses usually don’t go. They charge the same price as buses and are a convenient way to get around Mexico.

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seven Take advantage of shoulder season

If the goal is to save money when visiting Mexico, serious consideration should be given to exploring the country during the shoulder season, just after and before the rainy season. Visiting at this time guarantees cheaper prices for accommodation, flights, admission fees, and even taxis and buses. Shoulder season, which covers the months of April, May, mid-October and early November, is the best time to explore Mexico at lower fares.

6 Save on food and drink

There is no doubt that Mexican cuisine is one of the most delicious in the world and can make a food lover spend a lot of money. But the amount of money spent on food and drink adds up and can end up making vacations expensive when budgeting was the original plan. One can save on food through surfing as there are many chances to have access to a kitchen. Travelers can then cook their own meals and save on food costs. If it is not possible to prepare your own food, you should opt for the delicious street food. Mexican street food not only reduces travel costs, it offers travelers an incredible opportunity to have authentic Mexican cuisine.

5 Get travel insurance

No traveler would want to bear the burden of spending a fortune in a medical facility when they fall ill while traveling in Mexico. The best solution for this is to have travel insurance, and it doesn’t cost much, maybe around 6% of the total cost of the trip to Mexico. It is important to plan your visit to Mexico well and you should not forget one of the most crucial things; travel insurance.

  • Recommendations for travel insurance:
    InsureMyTrip, AIG Travel Guard.

4 Avoid organized tours

Organized tours are likely to be more expensive than tourists realize, and they should avoid them by all means. It was explained above that public transportation is the cheapest way to get around Mexico on a tight budget. Sometimes, however, these buses and taxis do not reach certain areas visited. Some places like Huaasteca Potosina are among the best travel destinations in Mexico, but tourists cannot get there by public transport. And let’s face it, a guided tour will be extremely expensive, and since you have to stick to your schedule, it can sometimes be uncomfortable. Hitchhiking will be every traveler’s best choice to save money.

3 Rent a car

Instead of taking a taxi, renting a car while visiting Mexico can save travelers a few bucks. The price to pay to be transported by taxi from the airport to your hotel is enough to rent a car for almost a week! The trick is to rent a car as soon as you arrive in Mexico, just after landing at the airport. Rental prices for these cars vary, so it’s crucial to check the available rate first and make sure the price offered is manageable without forcing it.

2 Book your plane tickets in advance

Airfare is one of the biggest travel expenses in Mexico, but travelers can still save money by booking them in advance. The earlier you book a plane ticket, the more affordable it is. There are other ways to save money on flights to Mexico, including comparing online to see which airlines offer the most affordable tickets. Additionally, tourists can use cheaper airlines to get to Mexico’s smaller airport.

1 Take advantage of free activities

One of the best ways to save money when visiting Mexico is to take advantage of the activities you can participate in for free. There are plenty of places travelers can explore without spending a dime, except maybe for transportation and food. The Soumaya Museum and the National Palace in Mexico City are just some of the many attractions you can experience for free. Other places only charge admission fees at certain times of the day of the week. For example, the Palacio de Bella Artes can be visited for free on Sundays.


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